Sometimes TV shows have a recap episode. In Latin, it’s called recapitulare — to go over the main points again. Until I get a meatier post out this Saturday, take some time to stroll down the first 14 blog posts of #hereswhathappenedblog.

  1. Roses – Here’s what happened when I found out my dad died.
  2. Murdered – Then we found out he’d been murdered, and I immediately thought my stepmother, Scharmel was somehow responsible.
  3. Meeting Her – In this post, I go back to the day I met Scharmel. After that first meeting, I never expected her to marry my dad.
  4. Missing – Before we found out daddy  had been murdered, he was missing for almost 48 hours.
  5. Missing Part 2 – The continuing story of what happened when we looked for daddy.
  6. Found – Here is how we found daddy’s body and his friends who gathered to find him.
  7. Shot – We knew he was dead, then murdered, but how? He was shot once in the back.
  8. Police – When the police arrived at the crime scene, they began to piece together daddy’s last days.
  9. Party – And what they found out is Scharmel had  a divorce  party the Friday night before daddy was murdered.
  10. Tape – We found out about the tape recordings dad’s friend made to report on who was at the party.
  11. Photos – Daddy stormed into the primary bedroom on the early morning of Saturday, July 18, 1992, to take photos of his estranged wife and the naked man in bed.
  12. Sunrise – Daddy’s last Saturday sunrise, and when Scharmel was questioned about that weekend, she gave the most details about a gun.
  13. Bedsheets – This is the one where we dive into the notes Scharmel wrote on her personal computer, which were recovered by forensic investigators.
  14. Saturday – Daddy lived for the weekend, and he loved spending it on his boat in Lake Hamilton.

Now…. where to next?

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