Morning walks are so wonderful. Just when I think I’ve given so much love to running, a morning walk comes out of nowhere and blows me away. The solitude. The dew. The looks on drivers’ faces who have to go to work a lot earlier than me. I took great pleasure in my 30-minute walk this morning because I know I won’t be working out tonight, as I’m flying to Little Rock to visit family for Easter weekend. And just when I think the morning can’t get better, my co-worker brought Polkadots cupcakes to work. Yum. I sampled them all: red velvet, carrot, chocolate and vanilla. It really is the little things in life (like cupcakes) that put a big ol’ fat smile on my face.

In other news, today would have been my father’s 62nd birthday. Hope you’re eating cupcakes in heaven, Daddy!

(NOTE: This blog post originally appeared on, an archived blog I maintained for more than two years to chronicle consecutive daily workouts during that time.)