Some people have laughed at my idea, which is passing out food from my car to the homeless people on street corners. I call it being efficiently charitable. We all have items in our pantries that we bought and decided at some point we’ll never eat. For me, it’s those Campbell’s Soup at Hand soups.

I have four in my pantry, and I look at them taking up space as a reminder of money I’ve blown on impulse buys. I don’t like canned soup. I’d rather make homemade soup and freeze it in individual servings. And the nifty thing about Soup at Hand is you can drink it from the lid. Just remove the lid, peel off the top and replace the lid. Then microwave the soup. Now you have a nice, warm and tasty 150 calorie meal/snack.

So after I ran five miles around Town Lake, I drove by a guy standing at an exit off I-35 and gave him a can of chicken noodle soup. He said, “Thanks?” I hope he understands the heating process and takes it to the Exxon where there’s a microwave.

(NOTE: This blog post originally appeared on, an archived blog I maintained for more than two years to chronicle consecutive daily workouts during that time.)